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Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

darren + forgetting the words to literally every song he decides to sing


Zac and Ashley reunited!!!!!!! And did the Ice Bucket Challenge :)

hrhchriscolfer: Grant thinks since he’s the Flash he can bully people now…#ASLiceBucketChallenge @grantgust

Celebrities taking part in the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS.

Switched at Birth Season 3 Review “And Life Begins Right Away”

The promo for this week’s finale of Switched at Birth teased some kind of big twist and, up until the last five minutes, I thought it had been just that – a tease. But, no, Daphne has dodged yet another bullet, with her sister taking one for the Kennish/Vasquez team by confessing in Daphne’s place. It’s a melodramatic move at the end of a quietly poignant hour, and it will no doubt split audience opinion.

The Harry Potter spin-offs Warner Bros could do next

It’s around three years since Harry, Ron, Hermione and friends hung up their wands to much fanfare and box office revenue but, come November 2016, we’re all going back to the wizarding world for one (or three) more adventures.

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Cuckoo Series 2 Review “Potato Party”

It was only a matter of time before Cuckoo’s jacket potato van made another appearance, and here it is. It’s an extension of the general feeling this second series of the show seems to be going for – they’re well aware that their main selling point is gone, but they hope we’ll stick around anyway.